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Hey guys Josh here again,

And on this page I have a VERY special, 3-for-1 offer that is going to SUPER-CHARGE the way you use DFY Authority!

On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock 3 additional, but optional, advanced features that will allow you to get a lot more VITAL information on your domains, so you can bring in an even BIGGER profit!.

You’re going to be able to unlock our Traffic Stats feature from SEMRush, the Almighty "Ahrefs, Domain Rating" Feature AND Moz’s Spam Score rating, so you can SKYROCKET the profit that you put in your pocket WITHOUT having to do ANY additional work on your part.

Part 1: Unlock Traffic Stats
For ALL Your Domains

First, let’s talk about our Traffic Stats feature. This is EASILY one of the most exciting features that we’ve added to DFY Authority which was HIGHLY requested by our Beta Members.

And for good reason.

Being Able To Get ACCURATE Traffic Stats On A Potential Domain Gives You A LOT More Ammo On What You Can Do With Your Domains To Make Even MORE Profit!

By knowing the traffic stats, you’ll be able to INSTANTLY give yourself a PAY RAISE for EVERY domain that you flip, by being able to provide your potential buyer with its TRAFFIC stats…

But not just that, it also opens up a WHOLE other form of monetization.

If you know that an expired domain is STILL getting REAL traffic on a MONTHLY basis, you can easily turn that domain into a NICHE SITE and start to IMMEDIATELY monetize it with affiliate offers, adsense or anything in between.

Heck, you’ll even be able to IMMEDIATELY Redirect
ALL That Traffic DIRECTLY To Affiliate Offers

Does it get ANY easier than that? If you find a domain that has HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of visitors every single month, just simply redirect ALL that traffic to a relevant affiliate offer and start cashing in RIGHT AWAY!

This literally takes ZERO work. Just buy the domain, set up a redirect, CASH IN!

If you tried to get SEMRush Traffic Stats from a domain on your own, you will have to pay a HEFTY monthly fee.

And SEMRush is one of the LEADING providers for getting ACCURATE Traffic Stats on any particular domain.

And You Can See Below,
Their CHEAPEST Plan Is $99/Month!

But On THIS Page, You Won’t Pay ANYWHERE Near That

PLUS We Still Have To Talk About Part 2 Of This Offer!

Part 2: Unlock Ahrefs
"Domain Rating" Statistic

In case you’re not aware, Ahrefs is one of the LEADING platforms online for being able to accurately determine the STRENGTH of a domain and it’s overall SEO performance.

They have developed their own UNIQUE formula for calculating how “STRONG” a domain is based on it’s historical data and the “link profile” that is has.

Ahrefs Is The GO-TO Platform For MANY Expired Domain Marketers To Get The BEST Data On Their Domains

The reason for this is because Ahrefs looks at MANY factors
before providing an accurate “Domain Rating”

They Look At:

How many UNIQUE domains are linking to your expired domain

They calculate the Domain Rating of THOSE unique domains that are linking to YOUR expired domain

They take into account how many OTHER websites THOSE unique domains link to

Then they apply a proprietary formula to calculate a “raw” Domain score

And finally they plot these scores on a 0-100 scale and the closer it is to 100, the STRONGER that domain is

In Short, Having An ACCURATE Domain Rating, SIMPLIFIES How FAST You Can Analyze A Potential Expired Domain!

They take ALL the statistics That DFY Authority Provides You and COMBINES it Into ONE, Easy-To-Analyze “Domain RATING” Number, so you can make decision A LOT faster about whether you should grab a domain or not!

However, Just Like SEMRush, Ahrefs Is A HEFTY Monthly Fee! Their Cheapest Plan Is ALSO $99/Month!

That means that if you signed up for SEMRush And Ahrefs on your OWN,
you’d be looking at about $200 PER MONTH For The Lowest Packages!

And Even At That, It Would STILL Be Worth It!

Having ACCURATE Traffic Stats And The FASTER Analysis Of A "Domain Rating" Is Absolutely Invaluable!

PLUS, We Still Have MORE! We were able to squeeze in a FINAL,
Highly-Requested Feature, which takes this to a WHOLE new level!

Part 3: Unlocking Moz’s
Spam Score Rating!

This was the FINAL Piece to the puzzle that we were missing and we weren’t sure if we would be able to get it done on time! 

However, this was one of the most requested features from our Beta members, so we worked OVERTIME to make it happen. 

Moz’s Spam Score rating is really the icing on the cake. It’s going to let you know how badly a domain was spammed during it’s time online. 

The more that a domain has been spammed, the lower the authority of that domain, which also affects the value of that domain as well. 

This will allow you to get a MUCH better idea of the value and authority of the domain before you purchase it. 

This is TRULY a game-changer feature! 

And it’s simple to analyze too since it’s all % based. The higher the % the more it’s been spammed! 

Josh, How Much Is It Going To Be To Get ALL Of These Services Unlocked On My Account?

That’s probably what you’re wondering at this point, right?

And like you saw above, we could EASILY charge $99/month and give you access to ALL of these VITAL stats for your domains.

That would be a HUGE, 50% off discount as opposed to you signing up to each of these services individually.

However, we’re obviously here to make you an amazing deal…

So we’re not going to charge you $200/month Or not even $99/month…

Heck, we’re not going to charge you a MONTHLY FEE AT ALL!

We’re going to give you a HECK of a deal as a NEW DFY Authority customer
and give you 3 months worth of access at a crazy 77% discount!

And Of Course, This Offer Is
100% Risk Free To You

If at any point before the 30 days you feel that our DFY Authority BOOSTER features are not right for you just shoot us an email and you’ll get a FULL Refund.

And just like our other upgrades, this offer is 100% optional. You can always sign up to Ahrefs, SEMRush and MOZ on your own and pay the $200/month to get those vital stats.

However, if you prefer empower your business with these additional and EXTREMELY vital domain stats, I highly recommend securing this special offer.

You may NEVER see it again.

Normally $200/month

HUGE 77% discount locked-in – Limited-Time ONLY!

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