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This Exclusivity That We Built Is What Allowed Us To NEARLY Hijack An OFFICIAL Government Domain Name!

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DFY Authority is Our EXCLUSIVE,
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Our NEW, Custom-Built Web-Bot
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Our Web Bot will FIND, Analyze And DELIVER These High-Quality Domain TO YOU
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Step 1


Enter your username and password to login to our web-based platform

Step 2

Pick A Domain

Pick The Domains You Want

Step 3

Buy Domains

Buy them For $10 Or Less

Step 4

Rank Your Domains

Rank Your new domains using your AI Content From ByPaiss!!

Step 5


Repeat Steps 1-4 As Many Times As You’d Like!

And These Are Domains

That Other Marketers (And Businesses) Are HAPPILY Paying Hundreds (Or Even THOUSANDS) Of Dollars For, EACH!

What Else Makes Our Platform
Different From Those OTHER Guys?

MAJOR Exclusivity With Our Domains

We already mentioned this multiple times. Our web-bot was custom built by us to find our OWN domains that you can buy right NOW!

We did NOT want to be like the “other” guys and just tap into the SAME API’s that only show you “soon to be expired” domains and “auction/bidding style” domains..

99% of the expired domains that you’ll find inside of DFY Authority WILL NOT be listed on ANY other platform. And if you DO find a domain of ours on another platform, we’ll send you $50 from our OWN pocket!

We built DFY Authority to be EXCLUSIVE!

REAL AUTHORITY Built-In To Our Domains

Not all expired domains are created equal, right? There are MULTIPLE factors that make up a GREAT domain, however one of the MOST powerful metrics, is the fact that our domains have REAL backlinks from REAL authority domains.


  • Domains that STILL have a LIVE link on Wikipedia?
  • Domains that STILL have a LIVE link from a .edu domain?
  • Domains that STILL have a LIVE link from a .gov domain?
  • Domains that STILL have a LIVE link from a MAJOR news site like CNN?

All Done!

MOST of our domains have REAL authority built-in because they STILL have an ACTIVE link posted on a MAJOR site like I just mentioned above.

In Fact, We Ran Just A Small Batch Of Our Domains Through The Top 500 Moz Sites And This Is What We Found:

  • Our Bot has found domains that have links from 50% of the top 100 sites
  • Our domains have links from 47.5% of the top 200 authority sites!
  • Our domains have links from 47.6% of top 250 authority sites
  • AND our domains have links from 42.4% of top 500 sites!!!

Talk about some MASSIVE and REAL Authority, right? And this is just from a SMALL Batch of domains that we analyzed!

COMPLETE Automatic Analysis of ALL Our Domains

Yup, not only does our bot find the domains for you, it automatically analyzes ALL of them so you know EXACTLY the quality of the domain it finds. I’m talking about a COMPLETE Analysis as well.

You’re Going To See:

Complete FILTER Control So You Can
TRULY Narrow Down The Type of Domain You Want


  • To only see domains with a certain Domain Authority?
  • To see domains with a certain Page Authority?
  • To see ONLY domains with Wikipedia backlinks?
  • To see domains with Wikipedia Backlinks that have a minimum Trust Ratio?
  • To ONLY see domains that are in a particular category?

Add a Filter!

We have a filter for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, so you can pick the RIGHT domains for you!

One-Click Shortlisting of the BEST Domains

This allows you to quickly separate ONLY the domains you want to focus on. This lets you get to the PERFECT domain the quickest. Just quickly scroll through ALL of our amazing options and quickly “shortlist” the ones you want to truly investigate further.

If you’re looking for something VERY specific, you’ll be able to use our filters with our shortlisting feature to quickly build a list of HIGHLY targeted domains that you’d like to further investigate.

Unlimited One-Click Domain Purchasing

Again, this comes down to being as efficient as possible. We integrated the ability for you to be able to - in ONE-CLICK - add available domains DIRECTLY to your cart with the push of just ONE-BUTTON!

We want you to be able to spot a domain you want and BUY it right away for $10 or less with as LITTLE wasted time as possible. The last thing we want is for you to see an AMAZING domain and then miss out on it because you had to take a few minutes to go to your preferred domains registrar, login, type in the domain, and then buy. Forget ALL that nonsense. This feature will ensure you NEVER miss out on an available domain!

Domains From ALL The Top Countries In The World!!

Our bot is not only finding EXCLUSIVE, high-authority domains in ONE or TWO countries. In fact, it’s finding domains from ALL the top countries in the world! 

We have domains from U.S, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, and just about everything in between! 

We have PLENTY of opportunity for you to profit from ALL over the GLOBE! 

(use a relevant image that symbolizes domains from all over the world with different extensions like .com, .co.uk, .com.jp, .it, .ca, .nz, etc etc) 

THOUSANDS of NEW Opportunities To Profit DAILY!

Our web-bot NEVER stops working for you. It’s out there finding, analyzing and DELIVERING high-quality domains to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!

That means that every single day, our web-bot adds THOUSANDS of EXCLUSIVE, high-quality domains to our platform for you to be able to find and flip for a HUGE profit! You’ll NEVER run out of opportunities to PROFIT with DFY Authority!

Special Bonus

One-Click Publishing Of Your Domains To Your DFY Store So You Can Start Flipping Your Domains IMMEDIATELY!

As we’ve mentioned MULTIPLE times on this page, we want you to go from buying DFY Authority to turning a massive profit in a matter of DAYS!

To help you do that even BETTER, we decided to simplify your ability to start advertising your available domains. So what we decided to do was allow you to IMMEDIATELY publish ANY domain that you just purchased to your very own DFY Store.

On Your DFY Store Page Your
Potential Customers Will Be Able To See:

ALL your domains you have available

The price that you set for the domain (or you can set to “contact for pricing)

ALL the domain metrics for each domain, so your customers can see AL the data right away

And, of course, a contact form so they can reach out to you immediately to purchase one of your domains!

We could have EASILY sold this feature as a separate upsell for $97 or more! However, during the next few days, you can get it FOR FREE!

Talk about some amazing Features, right? Now at this point you might be wondering...

Josh, What If I Don’t Want To Rank Domains? Can I Still Make Money With This?

Yes, absolutely! Building niche sites with your domains is only the TIP of the iceberg of what you can do with expired domains.

It’s Obviously One of The FASTEST Ways To Profit

But There’s TONS of Other Ways To Profit With Expired Domains As Well

Simple Domain Flipping

We already covered this one, but let’s touch on it one more time. Many, Many, MANY of the domains you'll be purchasing with DFY Authority are going to contain EXTREME levels of domain authority. Not only are they AGED domains that most likely had some great content on them, imagine how much VALUE they'll have from STILL having a LIVE link on Wikipedia.com. Or how much VALUE they'll have from STILL having a LIVE link from Harvard.edu! SEO Marketing and Agencies alike, would pay BIG money for domains that have ACTIVE links on Wikipedia. Just simply purchase these domains, and IMMEDIATELY list them on Flippa or any other domain flipping website and cash in BIG!

Build A POWERHOUSE Private Blog Network

Can you imagine how much RANKING POWER you can generate by having just a HANDFUL of domains that STILL have live links from Wikipedia? Or .edu links? Or even .gov links? It is the SEO marketers DREAM to get domains with THAT kind of authority. With DFY Authority, you'll INSTANTLY be able to build the MOST powerful Private Blog Network known to ANY SEO marketer and rank for just about ANY niche you'd like. Just having 1 or 2 backlinks from a domain that has a LIVE link from Wikipedia, BBC News, NY Times, CNN, etc is sure to send ANY website of Video STRAIGHT to the first page of Google!

Buy-And-RENT Your Private Blog Network

Just like above, if you rather NOT use your private blog network to rank YOUR own content, you can simply RENT IT OUT to other SEO marketers and collect a VERY hefty MONTHLY fee for getting backlinks from your Private Blog Network.

Resell The Domain BACK To The Original Owner

Yup, this one can easily tread on many people's moral compass, but can STILL be extremely profitable. Sometimes life gets in the way and the original owners just simply FORGOT to renew the domain before the grace period was up. You can offer to sell it back to them for a quick $250-$500 (or MORE). Not bad of an ROI on your $10 investment, right?

Authority Redirect Rankings

This is another quick and simple strategy. With this strategy you simply pick up the domain and immediately redirect it directly to any YouTube video or niche site to give it a MASSIVE boost in rankings! Heck, just ONE redirected link to ANY niche site or YouTube video from a domain that has a LIVE link from another Authority site is PRICELESS and will yield MASSIVE results!

Rank your eCom site or Amazon Store Listing

Just like redirecting these domains to your niche site or YouTube Video, you can also leverage these domains to rank your eCom site and/or Amazon store listing. Can you imagine the POWER of combining a domain with a LIVE wikipedia link and the MASSIVE authority of Amazon? You'd dominate your ENTIRE niche!

Sell Expired Domain Services on Fiverr

Yup, I know you might thinking this is a REALLY weird way to profit with expired domains, but there are people making a VERY decent income by providing expired domain services on Fiverr.

And they’re not even selling DOMAINS. They’re simply selling the RESEARCH of expired domains and they send the list to the customer. You just post the specific stats of the domains you can deliver (which with DFY Authority, you can get VERY specific) and you simply get paid a quick fee for a quick service.

We Can Keep Going On And ON!!

There are SOOO many different ways you can use the traffic and
authority of these domains to earn a MASSIVE profit online.

PLUS, We're going to Make DFY Authority EVEN Better Just Because You've Decided To Join Us During Our Charter-Members Discount

Once you Join TODAY, You'll Also Be Locking In These Amazing Bonuses

Bonus 1

One-Click DFY Store Publishing

In this bonus you’re going to get access to our one-click DFY Store Publishing feature. This is going to allow you to go from zero to PROFIT as quickly as possible. You’re going to be able to buy a domain for $10 or less and IMMEDIATELY publish any and ALL your domains to your DFY Store, so you can start flipping them right away.

Your potential customers will be able to see all the stats of the domain, the price that you set AND be able to contact you RIGHT AWAY, directly from your store!

Bonus 2

DFY Authority AGENCY Rights

This bonus is going to allow you to find and Purchase Domains names on behalf of your Clients. This opens up a WHOLE other level of profit for you. You’ll be able to rent the domains to your clients if you’re using it to rank their website or videos.

You can charge them a flat monthly fee to build a small private blog network exclusively for them, or you can simply build them a niche site using an authority domain you bought with our platform. (or imagine if you buy one of their COMPETITORS domain names..Oooo the ideas lol)

Bonus 3

The Expired Domains Quick-Start Guide

We understand that not EVERYONE that purchases DFY Authority is an expert at finding GOOD expired domains - even if you have access to our platform. So what we decided to do was put together a COMPLETE, step-by-step guide on EXACTLY What To Look For in An Expired Domain So You Can Quickly Spot the BEST ones without ANY wasted time.

We want you to be as efficient as possible with our platform so you can profit as quickly as possible. This PDF will show you EXACTLY what to look for. It’ll be like having your VERY own Expired Domains Coach in your corner.

Bonus 4

The Ultimate Guide To QUICKLY Profiting With Expired Domains

Our platform wouldn’t be complete if we DID NOT cover the MOST important step, right? How in the HECK can you profit with the domains you’ll be buying from DFY Authority? Well this bonus is going to be a step-by-step PDF On EXACTLY How To PROFIT With These Domains IMMEDIATELY (whether you choose to flip them quickly, turn them into niche sites, OR use them to rank OTHER videos or sites).

There are SOOO many ways to make money with expired domains and we cover some of the BEST and FASTEST ways in this guide.

Bonus 5

LIVE 90-Minute Training Session

On top of an ALREADY amazing software tool, we’ll be going the EXTRA mile here and putting together a LIVE, 90-minute training session where we’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to hit the ground running with DFY Authority. We’ll be sharing with you an EXTREMELY powerful way to profit with our platform AND exactly how to get started.

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At This point there's not much else to say.

You either want to easily flip high-quality expired domains for a MASSIVE profit, or you DON’T!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly Fee?

No. This is a web-app which is 100%, done-for-you since our DFY Authority bot does ALL the work for you. All you have to do is login, cherry pick your domains and buy them!

Does this require proxies or captchas?

Absolutely NOT. The only thing required on your part is your login credentials. From there DFY Authority does ALL the work for you and delivers high-quality domains to you on a silver platter.

Is there anything to install?

Absolutely NOT. DFY Authority is 100% web-based. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection and you're good to go.

Do you provide training on how to use the platform?

Yes. We have COMPLETE, step-by-step tutorial videos that show you exactly how to use our platform, PLUS we have our two VERY powerful PDF guides that walk you through EXACTLY what to look for in a domain and EXACTLY how to profit with expired domains.

What are your Upgrades?

Upgrade 1 is going to be our DFY Authority subscription. DFY Authority is a credit-based system, so here you will be able to lock in your monthly credits at the launch price discount. Plus, you just have to put down $1 and then $47/m after 30 days have passed.

Upgrade 2 is going to be our DFY Brander Pack. Since you got our DFY Store as a FREE bonus on the front-end, if you’d like to CUSTOMIZE and BRAND your Portfolio pages with your own logo and a CUSTOM domain, you can pick up this upgrade to unlock those features. $97 one-time

Upgrade 3 will be our DFY Authority BOOSTER Pack. Here you will be able to get Ahrefs and SEMRUSH Data for the domains you’re interested in to make an even MORE informed decision. Ahrefs is easily considered to be one of the TOP domain metrics you can get in terms of quality of a domain - which is why they charge a hefty monthly fee.

And SEMRush gives TRAFFIC stats for their domains which is ALSO a very in-demand statistic when dealing with expired domains. PLUS, this will let you know if you can simply REDIRECT the existing traffic to relevant affiliate offers for QUICK profit.

In this upgrade, you can unlock BOTH of those for a FRACTION of what it’ll cost if you signed up for those services individually. $47/quarter

Upgrade 4 will allow you to get a VERY special discount deal on our latest UPDATE of Serplify. Serplify will allow you to quickly turn your domains into niche sites that run 99% hands-free. Serplify will create your sites - publish, optimize and syndicate your content for ANY keyword or Location WORLDWIDE - 100% Automatically! $67 one-time

And that's it! no other upsell after that and of course, they're ALL optional!

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