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Hey guys, Josh here again and on this page you're going to be able to unlock the FULL potential of MyTrafficJacker and put your results and profit on steroids!

You see, not only have we developed a powerful software for legally getting traffic from Wikipedia and YouTube, we've been able to take things a step further with what we’ve called our Elite Level! And on this page, you’ll be able to unlock our Elite Level - which is a set of 3 additional and very powerful features that are already built-in to MyTrafficJacker.

These 3 additional features are designed to let you...

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The first part of this 3-part offer is our Ocean Search feature!

Our Ocean Search allows you to go even deeper into YouTube and Wikipedia to find those additional videos and pages that you may not have found otherwise.

One thing that we’ve discovered with MyTrafficJacker, is that many times when you find a domains that’s available to hijack, and you purchase that domain, more times than not, that domain is also associated with other videos or pages on Wikipedia that are ALSO getting a ton of traffic. And many times, you can hijack an ENTIRE authority channel or hundreds of different Wikipedia pages by just clicking ONE button inside of MyTrafficJacker.

That button is called our Ocean Search button. And with good reason because once you click this powerful button, MyTrafficJacker will take the domain you just found and find EVERY other video or Wikipedia page that is associated with that domain and deliver it to you on a silver platter!

That means that one hijacked domain can turn into HUNDREDS of videos and even an entire AUTHORITY channel or HUNDREDS of different Wikipedia pages.

And WHY is this so powerful? Well, because many times those other videos or Wikipedia pages link to INNER pages on that domain. This means you can easily recreate these additional pages and redirect them to DIFFERENT offers.. So now that ONE domain, can start redirecting traffic to MULTIPLE different offers in a matter of MINUTES!

The next feature we’ve built-in is our powerful Domain Reminder feature

This feature will allow you to keep a pulse on those domains that have already been FORGOTTEN and are about to expire soon so you can quickly pick them up once they do expire.

Once you activate this feature, it'll email you multiple reminders DAYS before that domains expires AND it'll continue sending  you email reminders several days AFTER the domain expires so you can ensure you do NOT miss out on picking up that domain.

How powerful is that, right? But wait, we’ve got even more!!

We’ve also got our powerful Save Results Feature

This feature allows you to save ALL of your best results with just ONE-CLICK and create groups in ANY niche so you can build an entire ARMY of targeted traffic streams!

Talk about the ultimate package, right? Not only will you be unlocking our Ocean Search feature to be able to quickly hijack an entire channel or multiple Wikipedia Pages, you’ll also be unlocking our Domain Reminder Feature to ensure you can pick up those soon-to-be-available domains, and last but not least, you’ll be unlocking our Saved Results feature  so you can start creating targeted traffic streams..

Now at this point you may be wondering
“Josh, this sounds amazing, but how much is it to unlock these features?”

On any regular day, we're easily gonna be selling MyTrafficJacker Elite for no less than $97/month or $297 per quarter.
And it's worth WAY more than that.

Finding Just ONE Profitable Channel A Month With Our Ocean Search Can Easily 2x-3x The Profit You Can Earn EVERY Month!

Or securing just ONE additional domain with our Domain Reminder feature can easily turn into MASSIVE traffic and sales.

With our Elite Level, it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons! Now since you're our newest customer of MyTrafficJacker, you qualify for our customer-only discount.

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