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Hey guys, Josh here once more..

And on this page, I want to talk about a VERY VITAL piece to our MyTrafficJacker Formula. And if you want to get as much traffic, sales and leads with the campaigns you’ll be hijacking, you’ll want to pay attention to this video.

You see, not only do we know how to hijack high-traffic domains from YouTube and Wikipedia, we also know how to maximize traffic that we can get from them. After all, the more traffic we can get, the more sales we can make, right?

The Fastest Way To Make Sure We Maximize The Traffic We Get From Our Videos And Domains...

is to ensure that they show up on the first page of Google as well

We're talking about either ranking the YouTube Videos we've hijacked and/or turning our hijacked domains into niche sites that skyrocket to page 1 quickly because of the built-in authority. And the way that we blast our hijacked videos and/or domains to the first page of Google is with our easy-to-use, 3-step social syndication software!

The software we’re gonna talk about on this page, is the supercharger to our page 1 domination. Once your hijacked videos or domains are on the first page of Google, you can practically ensure you start getting even MORE sales and leads for your business. Our most proven way to get fast page 1 rankings is by leveraging high-quality social websites to notify Google that our videos deserves to be #1.

Our most proven way to get fast page 1 rankings is by leveraging high-quality social websites to notify Google that our videos deserves to be #1

Today, if you don’t have a social aspect built-in to your strategy, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to scale your results with your MyTrafficJacker Campaigns.

Trust me, social syndication is the most powerful strategy we use to ensure our videos and domains get ranked, FAST!! Hell, even Google itself created an entire Social sharing network! If that doesn’t show you that Social is important, I don’t know what will.

Social Sharing is the golden-goose that will ensure you get an unlimited amount of free, targeted BUYER traffic for YEARS to come.

And luckily for you, we’ve been able to automate your entire Social syndication process.

Allow me to introduce you to our Syndlab web app

Syndlab Is The SUPERCHARGER In Our
Traffic Jacking Formula

Anytime we need to get more traffic we just deploy SyndLab and the floodgates of FREE buyer traffic open right up!

SyndLab will ensure you too get hordes of free, targeted BUYER traffic in 48 hours or less by syndicating your content to over 30+ high-quality social syndication sites in 4 Simpe Steps!


Choose whether you want to syndicate and rank a video or a niche site


Select which sites (or all sites) that you want your content to be syndicated to from the 25 different social sites we have built-in


Choose whether you want your syndication to start immediately OR if you want to schedule it for the future


Sit back and let Syndlab syndicate your content and automatically get you rankings, traffic and sales AT WILL on completely hands-free

With true, push-button ease, you’re soon gonna be able to:

Easily Syndicate your hijacked videos or domains across all your social platforms at the push of a button that deliver you hordes of free targeted visitors that are ready to buy

Rank your hijacked videos or domains on page 1 by leveraging the power of automatic, social syndication

Save time and money by NEVER having to manually share your content EVER AGAIN!

Generate thousands of EXTRA targeted, visitors and affiliate commissions at will

Automatic Social Syndication Made EASY!

How awesome is that, right? Now before you jump ALL over this offer, I wanted to make it even BETTER for you! As a VERY special, limited-time bonus, we're also going to include a FREE account, to SyndLabs bigger brother, SyndBuddy.

SyndBuddy is an extension of SyndLab, which takes our social syndication system to an even STRONGER level... How?

Well, SyndLab allows you to share your content on your own networks in a matter of minutes to get a massive boost in Rankings... And SyndBuddy allows you to access an army of over 4,000 REAL people that are ready to share your content on THEIR networks!

I'm talking about REAL people sharing your hijacked videos and domains on a ton of different platforms from a ton of different accounts and a ton of different locations worldwide.

You see, Syndicating your content on social platforms AND having OTHER people share your content as well is the NEW SEO. Social syndication is what Google wants and is paying attention to.

The more social activity going on on your content, the better. And Combining SyndBuddy with SyndLab is the ultimate Social Syndication combination to ensure that your hijacked videos and domains get as much traffic as possible!

They were built to work together!

Here’s a Quick Demo of How SyndBuddy Works

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SyndBuddy PLUS 500 credits so you can INSTANTLY start submitting your hijacked videos and domains!

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Usually we sell SyndLab and SyndBuddy separately!

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Heck, we'll even let you keep access to SyndBuddy as well! Go ahead and secure your copy below.

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