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  • Unlock our SubJackers feature to easily let your VA’s hijack for you
  • Get this TriFecta bundle before we sell them each separately
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(Duplicate) MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Trifecta

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Hey Guys, Josh Here Again

And on this page I have a VERY special, 3-part offer that is going to SUPER-CHARGE the way you use MyTrafficJacker!

On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock 3 additional, but optional, advanced features that will allow you to automate a BIG portion of the “work” inside of our platform.

You’re going to be able to unlock our Auto-Search feature, our Affiliate-Spy feature AND our SubJackers Feature so you can SKYROCKET the profit that you put in your pocket while leveraging automation to free up your time!

First, let’s talk about our Auto-Search feature. This is EASILY one of the most exciting features that we’ve added to MyTrafficJacker since we launched.

How Would You Like To Ensure That You Never Miss Out On Hijacking A Profitable Domain With MyTrafficJacker?

Well, our Auto-Search feature gives you that peace of mind!

And it does exactly what it’s called: Auto-Search!

This means that for ANY keyword search that you run on MyTrafficJacker, you can click ONE-BUTTON and MyTrafficJacker will continue to automatically search that keyword on your behalf EVERY 7 days looking for domains that you can hijack.

Just because a keyword does NOT find you an expired domain that you can hijack TODAY, doesn’t mean it won’t find you an expired domain TOMORROW!

Because remember, domains expire EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So by activating our Auto-Search feature, you’ll be ensuring that you are the FIRST one in line the moment that MTJ finds an expired domain for your target keywords!

But, it goes a step further as well!

It’ll Also Automatically Email You Those Auto-Search Results
Immediately, So You Never Miss Out On Hijacking A Potential Domain!

Talk About Awesome, Right?

And Remember,
This Is Just Part 1 Of This Offer

Part Two Is To Unlock Our High-Converting, Affiliate-Spy Feature!

We all know that direct-linking your hijacked traffic to an affiliate offer is one of the most POPULAR monetization strategies of our users.

It’s also one of our favorite ways as well. It’s quick, easy and requires the LEAST amount of work on your part.

However, One Of The Toughest Part Of This Monetization Method Is Actually Finding A High-Converting Affiliate Offer To Monetize With

So what we did was build in a high-converting affiliate-offer finder right into MyTrafficJacker!

Yup, all you have to do is search by niche or keyword and MyTrafficJacker will deliver you ALL the BEST and MOST profitable affiliate offers to you on a SILVER platter for you to cherry pick from!

And you’ll be able to see it ALL!

You’ll Be Able To See:

The name of the offer

The commission amount you’ll be making

The network that the offer is on

How to apply for the offer

And much much more!!

Our Affiliate-Spy feature makes it EASY for ANYONE to find high-converting offers to monetize with in ANY NICHE!

And yes, we still have the third and final part to this offer, which is unlocking our SubJackers Feature!

Our SubJackers feature allows you to Profit MORE While Working LESS By Outsourcing Your ENTIRE Hijacking Campaigns And have Someone else hijacking domains FOR YOU 24/7!

Yup, completely HANDS-FREE traffic and profit!

Our SubJackers Feature Allows You To Easily Give Sub-Access To Your Virtual Assistant So They Can Run Searches On Your Behalf All Day Long

This will set your traffic jacking strategy on complete autopilot and ensure that you're always getting NEW campaigns and domains up and running REGARDLESS if you're doing the work or not.

You could be out partying

Or hanging out at the beach

Or taking a nice vacation with your family

Or simply just hanging out at home after a long working day

Regardless of what you're doing our SubJacker feature will ensure that someone is ALWAYS hijacking traffic and domains on your behalf.

And of course we wanted to ensure that we over delivered on this offer as well so you'll be able to hire up to 3, yes THREE, different VA's and give them EACH their own unique sub-account to your main account.

This Allows You To Really Take Things To The Next Level And Completely Dominate Any Niche You'd Like By Having

Your Own Personal Army Of Traffic Hijackers!

We could've easily charged extra for EVERY sub-account you can create. However we decided to give you 3 for the price of 1.

Talk about an INSANE offer, right?

3 Powerful Features Packed Into One Irresistible Offer That You See On This Page!

But you do have to act fast, because we were REALLY considering charging a recurring fee for these additional features, we also thought about charging over $500 for this bundle, heck we even thought about breaking them up individually and charging separately for EACH ONE!

However, for the next few days, you can get access to this 3-in-1 deal for the MASSIVE discount you see below!

Plus, you're covered by our 30-day money back guarantee for this offer as well. So if you're not satisfied with any ONE of these 3 additional features, just shoot us an email and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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Secure This TriFecta Special
For The Massive Discount You See Below

(Duplicate) MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Trifecta

80% Discount | Trifecta Bundle | 30 Day Guarantee

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