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Hey, Joshua Zamora here again and first off Thank you for picking up MyVideoSpy

You now have the best tool on the market to turn your videos into traffic and sales generating machines!

However, before we send you off to the members area, we wanted to give you the opportunity to upgrade your MyVideoSpy account and unlock even MORE powerful features that will allow you to generate even MORE traffic and sales from your videos.

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This will allow you to INSTANTLY turn MyVideoSpy into a full-blown video marketing service, so you can get collect $1,000, $2,000 or even $3,000 checks every single month from local businesses that are DESPERATE to use the power of video to generate more business!

Businesses understand that VIDEO is the NEW way to connect
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However, most local businesses have NO idea what they’re doing and think that by just simply HAVING a video on YouTube, they're going to get a FLOOD of new customers!

We all know that that is NOT the case. And as I mentioned on the previous page, the money is in VIDEO MARKETING, not Video CREATION!

So part 1 of this offer allows you to unlock our Agency license and use MyVideoSpy to get rankings, traffic and sales for local businesses and charge a HEFTY monthly fee for that service.

Part 2 of this 3 part offer is to

Unlock Our LOCAL Rank Tracking Feature!

Since you’ll be unlocking our agency rights and be able to use MyVideoSpy to get rankings, traffic and sales for local businesses, it’s only right for you to be able to track your campaigns LOCALLY as well right?

Especially since we all know that LOCAL rankings are completely different than national or global rankings.

This is also powerful for those of you who prefer to use the rank-n-rent business model or those of you who prefer to monetize your local videos with affiliate offers.

Our local rank tracker will allow you to ACCURATELY
know where your videos are ranking for LOCAL terms!

Part 3 of this 3 part offer is to

More Than DOUBLE The Amount Of Research, Analysis, Tracking And Event Creation You Can Perform On A Monthly Basis!

If you’re a power user, or plan on becoming a power user, THIS part is for YOU!

As you noticed on the previous page, our Pro level came with a certain number of keyword searches you can perform, a certain number of suggested keywords you’d get, a certain number of videos you can track etc etc

These limits are in place for a reason. It costs us money EVERY single time you perform a keyword search, and every time you track a video and every time you analyze a video as well.

And our #1 goal is to have a high-quality platform that is reliable and will be around for a VERY long time, which is why we have different levels.

This is how we’re able to maintain our platform long-term!

However, On This Page, You’ll Be Able To Increase
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  • You’ll be able to perform MORE keyword searches every month
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  • You’ll be able to track the rankings even MORE keywords for EACH of those videos
  • You’ll be able to get the daily views stats for even MORE videos
  • You’ll be able to analyze even more videos
  • You’ll be able to create even MORE live-event’s every single month!

ALL of this means you’ll be able to use MyVideoSpy to generate even MORE rankings, generate even MORE traffic and generate even MORE sales!

Our Elite Level is for those of you who are ready to take your business to the next level!

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Now at this point you may be wondering “Josh, this
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On any regular day, we're easily gonna be selling MyVideoSpy Elite for no less than $97/month or $297 per quarter. And it's worth WAY more than that.

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