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For the first 50 People ONLY, You'll
Get Access To These Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1: A Few Secret Strategies To Make Your Pixal Designs Stand Out ($37 value)

In this bonus, you're going to learn some exclusive and secret strategies to make your sites and your designs REALLY stand out. These are some simple strategies that ANYONE can implement and they will have a DRAMATIC effect on your results.

Exclusive Bonus #2: How To Get Your First Design Client

In this bonus, you're going to learn a powerful strategy that ANYONE can implement to land your VERY first design client to bring in some quick profit with Pixal. Whether you have clients already, or are a total newbie, this bonus training will help you hit the ground running.

Exclusive Bonus #3: How To Get Clients For Your Pixal Designs ($37 value)

In the previous bonus, you'll be learning how to land your FIRST client. In this bonus training, you'll be learning how to implement some additional strategies to ensure that you ALWAYS have a steady stream of leads coming into your agency! This is perfect for agencies of ANY size.

Exclusive Bonus #4: How To Get clients Who Will Specifically Pay for HTML5 Graphics

One of the biggest updated to Pixal 2 is the fact that you can now create HTML5 graphics quickly and easily. And in this bonus, you're going to learn EXACTLY how you can target clients that are ready to pay you SPECIFICALLY for HTML5 graphics services. But not just that, how to sell HTML5 graphic services for a PREMIUM, high-ticket price.

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Exclusive Bonus #5: How To Get Traffic, Leads and Sales With Microsoft Ads

Not many people talk about Microsoft Ads, right? Well, since you'll be able to create graphics for ANY ads platform, it's only right that we show you how to get traffic, leads and sales with Microsoft ads, right? well, that's EXACTLY what you're getting in this bonus.

Exclusive Bonus #6: How To Get Traffic, Leads and Sales With FB Ads

FB ads is still one of the BEST kind of paid traffic you can get. Especially because it's now the "older" crowd that uses the platform. Older, meaning people who have money to SPEND! So we decided to put together a bonus that shows you how to use your Pixal banner ads to get traffic leads and sales from FB ads too.

Exclusive Bonus #7: How To Get Traffic, Leads and Sales With Google Ads

Google is without question the world’s premier search engine. But it’s become even more than a search engine since its humble beginnings. Today, it also happens to have what is arguably the most powerful and far-reaching advertising network in the world. And in this bonus, you're going to learn how to harness all that power to get as much traffic as you'd like!

Exclusive Bonus #8: How To Make Money With Adsense

In case you're not aware, Adsense is still ALIVE and WELL! Yup, there is still a ton of money to be made with this platform. However, a lot has changed over the years. So we've decided to put together an exclusive training showing you EXACTLY how you can profit BIG with Adsense!

Exclusive Bonus #9: Beta Access To Aiuto Blogger WP Plugin

This is a powerful plugin we'll be releasing in the fall of 2022! This beast will completely set your niche sites on complete autopilot! Serisouly. It's all powered by real A.I and the moment you install it on your site, it will write, optimize and post 100% unique content on your sites for as long as you'd like!

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