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  • EVERY Keyword Will Have it’s Own “Difficulty Score” so you INSTANTLY know which keywords are EASY and which are HARD to rank for making it effortless to make your decisions
  • It will also SUGGEST even MORE keywords to you with our built-in Keyword Suggestion Engine so you never run out of more traffic-getting opportunities.
  • You’ll be able to Quickly find “people also search for” keywords which are some of the LOWEST hanging fruits you can target and get REALLY fast rankings with!
  • You’ll be able to Get a FULL Data Analysis of ANY keyword you’d like and know EXACTLY how easy or hard it’ll be to rank for, the search volume, the search trend, the average backlinks that would be needed to rank for it, and a FULL list of the top 10 organic and/or local rankings.
  • You’ll be able to Analyze ANY Domain or ANY URL and know EXACTLY what keywords they’re ranking for, EXACTLY how many backlinks they have, the EXACT backlinks they have, the EXACT anchor text they have and MORE!
  • Essentially you’ll be Getting EVERYTHING You need To Rank High And Get MORE Free Traffic Under ONE Single Dashboard!
  • HUGE Bonus: Agency License INCLUDED So you Can Get More Ranking And More Traffic For Your Clients As Well!
  • HUGE BONUS Module: Unlock Our Built-In Affiliate Offer Finder to Quickly find offers you can promote for your SerpSling Keywords!
  • and much much more!!

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