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Hey guys, Joshua Zamora here again and first off I want to say Congratulations and Welcome!

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You see on the previous page, you got access to our Pro level with Agency rights included as a free bonus, which allows you to automatically create, optimize and upload up to 15 different videos at a time, per campaign, for yourself or your clients.

Plus, it allows you to use Tube Charge on up to 10 different YouTube accounts…

Now for some of you, that might be enough…

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And Remember, That’s On A Per Campaign Basis!

Which brings me to the next feature that comes with our Tube Charge+ level..

There’s NO ceiling to the number of campaigns you can create on a monthly basis once you’re on our Tube Charge+ level!

Yup, you can literally go as crazy as you’d like and schedule as many campaigns as you’d like for all 100 of your channels that you can add into your Tube Charge dashboard.

Talk about an INSANE amount of fire power, right?

Now some of you that a REAL power users might be wondering:

“Josh, Why Can’t We Just Get An Unlimited Upgrade Account?”

Well, remember, like I said on the previous page, YouTube is shutting down accounts that abuse their platform.

Tube Charge Is The First And Only Platform
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And with all of our testing, we have found the SWEET spot that allows us to still rank DOZENS of videos at a time and stay on the GOOD side of YouTube.

We’ve built our platform to allow you to DOMINATE the first page of Google and YouTube while STILL protecting your YouTube accounts!

Your competitors will NEVER know what hit’em!

And the BEST part about ALL of this is that since you’re our newest member of Tube Charge, you qualify for our grand-opening special to upgrade your account.

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We look forward to hearing about your success story.

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