VideoThing Plugin Examples

Shortcode is [ videothing id=”id_here” ]

Then we can add the following attributes:
fluid: Makes the video expand to fill its container, probably want to use most of the time
width: Use to explicitly set a width if not fluid
height: Use to explicitly set a height if not fluid
sticky: Set the video to stick to the view when scrolled past. Set to “top_left”, “top_right”, “bottom_left” or “bottom_right” to make it stick to the respective position
stickymargintop, stickymarginright, stickymarginleft, stickymarginbottom: Used for extra control over positioning when video is sticky. Shouldn’t be needed most of the time
controls: show/hide controls
autoplay: attempt to autoplay the video
autoplaytrigger: Advanced option determining when autoplay will be attemped. Probably best left alone
preview: use preview gif

So for a fluid video that sticks to the top right, shows controls, attempts autoplay and shows preview gif we would use:

[ videothing id=”id_here” fluid=1 sticky=”top_right” controls=1 autoplay=1 preview=1 ]